Patrick Hegarty (b. 1996) is a composer, sound artist and performer whose output centres around acoustic sound, electronics and ritual.

His soundworlds are populated by mantric repetitions, fragments of lamenting melodies and raw, exposed textures. Often embedded with materials of religious connotation, Patrick’s music explores human perception, experience and spirituality through new paradigms of performance practice; frequently involving aspects of improvisation, meditation and collaboration.

Recent works have been composed for performers including EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble, Red Panel Ensemble, Aude Marchand (violin), Aaron Burrows (piano), Oliver Coates (‘cello), LCO and Aurora Orchestra members for spaces including Durham Cathedral, Milton Court, Courtauld Gallery, Barbican Cinema, SET Dalston and the (to be renamed) Colston Hall.

Recent projects include a site-specific installation for Culture Mile, a collaborative performance of his work, Recitation, with EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble in Durham Cathedral and the curation of a 3-hour rendition of La Monte Young’s Composition 1970#7 made up of 16 performers including Julian Anderson, Laurence Crane and Matthew King in the Gresham Centre, London.

Patrick recently graduated with first-class Honours from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where he will continue his studies into masters this September. He is a member and co-founder of the Red Panel New Music Collective, curating and performing in concerts in London and Berlin.

Patrick has performed extensively as a Guitarist and teaches private lessons in Guitar, Composition and Music Theory. He performs as often as he can as a multi-instrumentalist while maintaining a particular interest in live electronics and sound manipulation in performances of his own works.

He likes listening to and creating raw, meditative music, painting, Jungle and non-directivity.

His studies have been supported by the Split-Infinitive Trust, Denne Gilkes Memorial Fund, Prowdes Educational Foundation and Guildhall School Trust.